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About Us

About Us

”ANSLists” is an information site ANS Associates develops and operates. The site is designed for primarily foreign country based companies that are looking for Japanese business partners in the technology fields. As a way to achieve the purpose, ANS Associates operate two sites, ANSListsβ and "ANSLists Video -CxO Interview". Desctiptions of the two pages are outlined as follows. For more information, please click here.

1. ANSListsβis a portal site which lists up small and medium sized Japanese technology companies that publish their own information on the internet in English. Main focuses of the technologies have been on Electronics, Green and Clean Energy, Information & Communications Technology (ICT), Life Quality Enhancement, Machining and Mechanical Component, Manufacturing, Material, Media Services, Robotics, and others. From now one, we focus is on the four fields of Electronics, ICT, Environment and Eneergy, Robotics.

2. ANSLists Video -CxO Interview:
The video interview program is designed for a CxO of Japanese Tech-SMEs to talk about his or her company in the elevator-pitch. Recording is made in Japanese language and English translation is shown at the bottom of movie pictures.  The video program is named CxO Interview.  Please take a look at the top page of this web site.

ANS Associates is a business consulting and advisory firm that helps technology companies access to and communicate with potential partners beyond the boundary between Japan and foreign countries to make use of different ideas and technologies for growth and synergy.

The consulting and advisory services ANS Associates provides are in the following two areas.
  • Japan Entry support services, ranging from partner search to execution of business operations for a foreign country based tech-company.
  • Outbound support services for Japanese tech-SMBs to find their partners both in and outside of Japan for creative business collaboration.
For details, please contact us either by email or phone.

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