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About Us
ANSLists is named for information sites, ANS Associates LLC operates to assist Technology based Small & Medium sized Enterprises (Tech-SMEs) in improving their awareness in the international society.  As one of ways to achieve this goal, we started to build a corporate portal site called "ANSListsβ".  In addition, we recently started preparation for a video program site, named “ANSLists Video – CxO Interview”.   Profiles of these sites are as follows.
About ANSListsβ

1.1  Outline
ANSListsβ is a portal site which links to Tech-SMEs websites published on in English. The fields of technologies Tech-SMEs listed are varied to cover Electronics, Environmental & Renewable Energy, Information & Communications Technology (ICT), Life Quality Improvement, Electro-mechanical products, Manufacturing Technology, Materials, Optics, Robotics, etc. From now on, however, ANSListsβ focuses on four segments, Electronics, ICT, Environmental & Renewable Energy, and Robotics.         

1.2  Ownership and Inquiry:
All the information described at each listed company's web-site is owned by the respective company, so that ANS Associates has no responsibility for the contents of the information in other words. For inquiry, a viewer may directly contact to a company listed. Or, if the viewer desires ANS Associates to be an intermediate in the initial phase, please send us an email inquiry at the following address, providing the viewer's name, his or her position title and a company name together with contact information such as phone number etc. 
The initial contact will be made at no cost. If the viewer would like ANS Associates to continue being involved in further communications, the services will be done under a simple agreement for the communications services.


ANSListsβ Listing Criteria

Following criteria will be applied for listing Tech-SMEs on ANSListsβ (herein after Tech-SME) from August, 2014. Those companies listed before August 2014 will be reviewed and appropriately treated later.

a)    A Tech-SME has English pages on its corporate web-site and needs to satisfy the following items b) through e).

b)    A Tech-SME is a Japanese company or organization of which main office is registered and located in Japan and which is
not listed in any stock exchange.  (NOTE: Those companies that will be or are already listed in a stock exchange after

lists up will remain unchanged and will be left on ANSListsβ)

c)    A Tech-SME is in any of the four fields described above item 1.1.

d)    A Tech-SME has its real business which can be confirmed on its web-site.

e)    A Tech-SME clearly describes its business information, including but not limited to products & technology information and
related service information, as well as registered address, contact information, and so on.

NOTE:  A Tech-SME may be deleted from ANSListsβ when its web-site gets in trouble as follows.

  • The site is changed not to satisfy the criteria above a) to e)
  • The site becomes continuously unavailable on the internet
  • l  The site becomes virus infected or badly influencing the others on the internet
2. About ANSLists Video – CxO Interview
The video interview program is designed for a CxO of Tech-SME to talk about his or her company in the elevator-pitch. Recording is made in Japanese language and English translation is shown at the bottom of movie pictures.  The video program is named CxO Interview.  Please take a look at the top page of this web site.

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