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Greem Tech Mecaro Co., Ltd.
Mecaro, a wind turbine manufacturer, has developed and now offers a new wind generating turbine system, Spiral Magnus,to the market. Macro, headquartered in Katagami, Akita, was founded in 1998.

Machining, Component Akita Oil Seal Co., Ltd
Akita Oil Seal?specializes in manufacturing and sales O-rings, Oil seals, x-ring gaskets, and rubber products. The company, headquartered in Akita, was founded in 1984.

Manufacturing INSPEC Inc.
INSPEC specializes in inspection machines for the inspection of semiconductor packages such as lead frames, LCD-COF, BGA CSP FC, etc., maintaining extensive in-house capabilities in each of the three elemental technologies on which visual inspection is based: image processing technology, mechatronics technology, and optical sensing technology.  The company, headquartered in Akita, was founded in 1984.

Matsuzawa Co., Ltd.
Matsuzawa, dedicated to hardness tester manufacturing, Matsuzawa has offered reliable products with its stable technology to customers in the fields of various technological developments and quality control not only in Japan but also overseas since it started the business. The company, headquartered in Akita, was founded in 1995. 

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