This page is randomly listing new and valuable technologies from the global market for Japanese companies' reference.

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AcousticEye is a pioneer in Acoustic Pulse Reflectometry (APR) technology for use in the non-destructive testing (NDT) industry having produced the first non-invasive, acoustic-based tube inspection technology for the heat exchanger industry, allowing companies to inspect every tube, regardless of size, material or configuration. The company, headquartered in Netherland, was founded in 2005.

Actelis Networks, Inc.: (ICT)
Actelis Networks patented copper technology increases the achievable performance by implementing a “system-level” approach through an intricate system of hardware, software and algorithms that interact with and account for other network elements, optimizing performance of the existing copper based infrastructure. Although its patented EFMplus™ technology and BBAs are unique to Actelis, the products are fully compliant with all applicable standards (IEEE, MEF, ITU-T, ANSI, ETSI, and others) with proven multi-vendor interoperability. The company, headquartered in California, U.S.A., was founded in 1998.

AnyClip: (ICT & Media Services)
AnyClip enables users to find any moment from any movie in its database. Its technology and innovative user experience allows consumers to relive their favorite moments from their favorite movies. AnyClip partners with film and television studios to create new promotional channels for movies and monetize their catalog content. Leveraging its distribution network, AnyClip allows third-party sites to provide their users with fun, exciting and legal movie content services, increasing traffic and ARPU.  The company, headquartered in Jerusalem, Israel, was founded in 2008.

Aptina Image Inc: (ICT)
Aptina is a leading innovator of CMOS imaging technology, enabling imaging everywhere with excellence in pixel performance, sensor functionality and camera system capability. Leveraging its industry-leading product portfolio, the company is extending its strength in the mobile and PC markets into gaming, digital camera, surveillance, medical and automotive applications, enabling customers to deliver new and differentiated solutions faster. The company, headquartered in U.S.A, was founded in 2008.

Blue I Water Technologies (Green Technology, ICT)
Blue I Water Technologies provides innovative water quality controllers and analyzers for the water treatment market.  Through a combination of leading-edge technology and in-depth industry experience, the Blue I mission is to provide accurate systems that offer unprecedented reliability, maintainability and ease of use. 

Cellaris Ltd. (Material)
Cellaris has developed a patented process that creates very light ceramic foam, providing a groundbreaking platform for many applications such as insulation, filtration, catalytic support and more. Cellaris' ceramic foam products represent the first and only applications of ceramic foams in the high-temperature, thermal insulation market.  The company is headquartered in Haifa, Israel.

ColorChip Ltd.: (ICT)
ColorChip is a pioneer and a world leading innovator in the fields of Optical Components and Sub-Systems. Today, ColorChip enables reliable, scalable and robust High Speed Networking and Communications solutions. Through our two lines of business, we deliver industry leading Optical High-Speed Transceivers to the Datacom/Telecom Markets and Passive Optical Splitters to the FTTx markets.  The company , headquartered inYkneam, Islael, was founded in 2001.

Compass EOS Ltd.: (ICT)
Compass Electro-Optical Systems has developed breakthrough technology that enables the Internet evolution into the future. Using this technology, Compass-EOS is bringing to market a radically different system architecture that results in an order-of-magnitude increase in price-performance. And, in keeping with the growing requirements to save space and power, the Compass technology and products deliver terabits of bandwidth at a fraction of the size and power required of conventional systems. The company, headquartered in Netanya, Israel, was founded in 2006.

Deep Breeze Ltd.: (Life Quality)
Deep Breeze is a privately held, dynamic medical device company that has developed a radiation- free medical imaging technology based on recordings of acoustic vibrations. Today’s commercially available products based on this technology are being used for diagnosing and monitoring respiratory disease. The company, headquartered in Or-Akiva, Islael, was founded in 2001.

DensBits Technologies Ltd.: (ICT)
DensBits has designed the world’s first Memory Modem™, a revolutionary technology created to address the ever-increasing need for low-cost, high-performance NAND Flash-based storage systems. Similar to communications modem technology, the Memory Modem dramatically improves Flash memory reliability and, in turn, enables next-generation, low-cost Flash memory without compromising on performance. The company, headquartered in Haifa, Israel, was founded in 2007.

DesignArt Networks (ICT, Electronics)
DesignArt Networks is driving the revolution of the data-centric mobile radio access network (RAN) with highly integrated system-on-chip (SoC) platforms and trial-ready embedded SW solutions for the mobile 3G, 4G and high-speed wireless backhaul infrastructure. The cloud-based mobile service evolution requireds operators to deliver very high wireless data capacity to evey smart phone, table and laptop connected to the mobile RAN infrastructure. Operations are struggling with the reality of the required massive capacity upgrade-and the related paradigm shift towards a new and evolving HetNet architecture. The company, headquartered in Ra’annana, Israel, was founded in 2006.

EarlySense (Life Quality)
EarlySense develops innovative patient monitoring and supervision technologies to advance proactive patient care and improve patient outcomes. Through continuous supervision, the EarlySense System can empower clinical teams to improve patient safety, enhance patient satisfaction and lead to better financial outcomes. The company, headquartered in Rmat Gan, Israel, was founded in 2004.

EPOS Development Ltd.: (ICT)
EPOS is a leading technology company enabling of a new wave of low cost, intuitive, software-based input solutions. Partnering with e-reader, Media Tablet, Smartphone and TV OEMs in addition to digital pen players, EPOS’ advanced positioning technology enables a superior input experience on a wide range of devices. The company, headquartered in Hod-Hasharon, Israel, was founded in 2002.

Fourier Education: (Electronics, Education)
Fourier Systems integrates student computing and science. Computerized labs, data loggers, probe ware & accessories make learning science fun, memorable and coherent. The spearhead product "Nova 500" offers an overall solution for all student computing needs. The company, headquartered in Greater Chicago area, U.S.A., was founded in 1989.

Greenlet Technologies Ltd.l (Green Technology, ICT)
Greenlet provides truly scalable energy control solutions for electricity utilities, energy service companies and end users through the development of enhanced software, algorithms, hardware and communication technologies. Its system helps utilities and aggregators to control power consumption during peak days and it allows consumers to receive a monetary refund for reducing power consumption. While energy is centrally managed and monitored from the utility control center; installation is based on simple and quick self-installation by consumers. The company, headquartered in Tel-Aviv, Israel, was founded in 2008.

HealOr Ltd.:
HealOr is a clinical-stage specialty biopharmaceutical company developing a first-in-class pipeline of topical therapeutics to treat a variety of skin conditions such as chronic wounds, acute wounds, dry skin, acne, psoriasis, and others. The skin is a complex organ, composed of a variety of cell types in several layers. Therefore, an ideal dermatologic drug should affect the various cell types collectively, rather than treat a single skin component or function.  The company, headquartered in Ness Ziona, was founded in 2002.

INSIDE Secure: (ICT)
INSIDE Secure products build security into the systems and devices that power the world.Whether a smart card, mobile device, or infrastructure system, INSIDE Secure drives trust in the next generation of mobile payment, transit, access control, loyalty, and ticketing services. The company, headquartered in Aix en Provence, France, was founded in 1995.  Since February 2012, it has been publicly traded on NYSE Euronext in Paris.

Intucell Ltd: (ICT)
Intucell delivers the world’s most advanced Self Optimizing Network (SON) solution for mobile operators. The company was founded in 2008 with a brilliant idea and a mission to change mobile network management as we know it.  In less than a year the company turned that idea into a commercial reality. Its R&D base is in Islael.

IP Light: (ICT)
IP Light is a leading provider of high speed optical networking devices for optical transport and high capacity datacom systems. IP Light's solutions enable system vendors to design optical blades supporting a wide range of Ethernet and SONET/SDH services while addressing multiple network topologies. IP Light ASSPs (Application Specific Standard Products) enhance network functionality, improve on quality, power dissipation and reliability and cut on implementation costs. The company, headquartered in Petach Tikva, Israel, was founded in 2008.

IQWind: (Green Technology)
IQwind is an innovator in the wind energy industry focused on leveraging its unique variable gear technology (IQgear) to significantly reduce the cost of energy (COE) generated by existing and newly-built wind turbines.The IQgear technology is the basis for the IQgearbox, a breakthrough in wind turbine gearbox design. The IQgearbox enables a coveted industry innovation: a variable speed turbine built around a fully-mechanical variable speed drivetrain.  The IQgearbox is equally relevant to the two major markets, the retrofit turbine market and the new turbine market.  The company is headquartered in Bazra, Israel.

iTwin Inc.: (ICT)
iTwin developed an unique and convenient tool which functions like the two ends of a cable, but without the cable. It is Plug and Play tool.  Plug one half into an online computer, plug the other half into any other onlined computer and the two computers are connected.  View, copy, edit and upload files to an from your remote compute.  Data in transit is protected by robust AES-256 encryption.  No storage limit.  If an user loses one half of iTwin, he or she can remotely disable that half.  The user’s data resides on his/her computer, not on someone else’s cloud server. The company, headquartered in Singapore, was founded in 2010.

J.B.F. Interlude 2009 Ltd.: (Media Technology)
Interlude is a digital media company that designs, develops and markets interactive video technology. Founded in 2009 by Israeli musician and self-proclaimed tech geek, Yoni Bloch, Interlude was the realization of a vision to create a new type of interactive video, offering users a unique, seamless online video experience and enabling video creators to express themselves in a new way. The company offices are located in New York, California and Tel Aviv in Israel.

Kaiima Agro-biotech Ltd.: (Green Technology)
Kaiima is a next-generation seed and breeding-technology company. At Kaiima, we respond to the challenge of sustainable development by using ourbreakthrough CGM™ technology to develop new NON-GMOcrops with dramatically improved productivity andimproved land and water-use efficiencies. With our new high-performance varieties and using thoughtfulagro-technical practices, farmers all over the world can generate more food and more energy while sustaining the land and water resources that we share. The company, headquartered in Kfar Tavor, Israel, was founded in 2006.

Kaminario, Inc.: (ICT)
Kaminario develops next generation, high performance enterprise storage appliances, which provides fast, easy and reliable storage services for data driven organizations. Kaminario K2 all solid-state SAN storage solutions deliver extreme performance, high availability, availability, scalability, and are easy to deploy and manage. The company, headquartered in Massachusetts, U.S.A, was founded in 2008.

Kilolambda Technologies, Ltd.: (Optics)
KiloLambda is an industry leader in passive optical power control for which KiloLambda is an industry leader in passive optical power control. It is a technology that controls optical power for all wavelengths and does so in a totally passive manner, as opposed to conventional solutions of limiting or blocking specific wavelengths and the use of active methods. The company, headquartered in Tel-Aviv, Israel, was founded in 2001.

Leyden Energy Inc.: (Green Technology)
Leyden Energy's mission is to become the world leader in lithium-ion-based energy storage solutions. The company is guided by three core values: People, Quality and Innovation. Leyden Energy's technology addresses and corrects many of the fundamental safety and stability issues of traditional Li-ion chemistry, with higher cycle and calendar life specifications over higher temperatures, while also providing higher energy density capabilities. Leyden Energy's products are ideally suited for mobile consumer electronics, electric vehicles (EVs) and grid storage. The company, headquartered in California, U.S.A, was founded in 2007.

magiink display technologies (ICT, Green Technolgoy)
magink display technologies is the world’s first developer and provider of full color reflective digital ink displays. Magink addresses the Out-of-Home media market; outdoor advertising, retail signage, public information, transportation, in-store point-of-purchase, promotional displays and entertainment. Magink's new product lines (indoor and outdoor solutions) are currently being tested and deployed in several cities globally. magink is committed to the continuous development of its core technology: full-color, commercially-viable digital ink display systems. The company, headquartered in Israel, was founded in 2000.

MCS Medical Compression Systems Ltd.:(Life Quality)
MCS is a leader in innovative, non-invasive solutions for the prevention of venous thromboembolism (VTE). The company is the first and currently the only to offer the healthcare market a new class of proven Continuous Enhanced Circulation Therapy in combination with MCS’ patented Synchronized Flow Technology devices, which can minimize the need for pharmaceutical therapy as the current standard of care. The company, headquartered in Tel Aviv, Islael, was founded in 1997.

Mintigo: (Internet Services)
Mintigo is the intelligent lead-generation service.  Mintigo delivers a reliable flow of accurate leads – precisely matched to a company’s offering. Mintigo’s customers from around the world have demanded more than a million trusted Mintigo-verified leads.  Mintigo’s process is easy, scalable, and reliable – offering a constant flow of high-quality leads in three simple steps: define the campaign, provide customer examples, and automatically find the best matching new ideas.  Mitingo, headquartered in California, U.S.A, was founded in 2009.

MultiPhy Ltd.: (ICT, Electronics)
MultiPhy is a fabless semiconductor company providing DSP-based ICs for high-speed optical networks, based on direct detection and coherent technologies. MultiPhy’s existing 40Gb/s and 100Gb/s direct detection products are the worlds’ first solutions specifically designed to meet the low power and low cost needs of the Metro market. The company’s differentiated patentable technology enables the development of cost effective, low power, high performance solutions at 40Gb/s and 100Gb/s. The company, headquartered in Ness Aiona, Israel, was founded in 2007.

Neoconix Inc.: (Electronics)
Neoconix has developed a revolutionary new approach to connector manufacturing that utilizes advanced printed circuit board (PCB) processing techniques to produce interconnect products. Characterized by exceptional dimensional control at fine feature sizes, Neoconix’s PCBeam™ technology is ideal for a broad set of applications that require high density, high performance, and high reliability. Neoconix’s market reach includes the mobile, telecom, computing, medical, military, and automated test equipment markets. The company, headquartered in California, U.S.A., was founded in 2002.

Oversi Networks Ltd.: (ICT)
Oversi is a leading global provider of rich-media caching and content delivery solutions for Internet video and peer-to-peer (P2P) traffic. Oversi focuses on the needs of service providers, enabling them to cope with the huge traffic load, increase customer loyalty and financially benefit from the online video phenomenon. The company, headquartered in Israel, was founded in 2003.

Perfecto Mobile Ltd.: (ICT)

Perfecto Mobile is a global leading provider of cloud-based testing, automation and monitoring solutions for mobile applications and websites, utilizing a wide selection of REAL mobile devices accessible via the web.
The MobileCloud™ enables developers and testers, located anywhere in the world, to access a comprehensive range of the latest mobile handsets and tablets via the Internet. Users can develop, test, deploy and monitor their mobile applications and services without having to physically obtain the handsets. The MobileCloud handsets and tablets are connected to LIVE cellular networks in U.S., Canada, U.K., France, Germany, Switzerland Israel and India. Among Perfecto Mobile customers are Vodafone, Swisscom, Motorola and additional leading enterprises in travel, finance, retail, telecom and other industries. The company, headquartered in Massachusetts U.S.A,, was founded in 2006.

Phoebus Energy (Green Technology)
Phoebus Energy is a leading innovator of hybrid water heating solutions for commercial sites with medium to high demand for hot water including hotels, sports centers, hospitals, condominiums, apartment complexes. Led by a talented and experienced team, Phoebus Energy is committed to developing and implementing environmentally-friendly solutions based on intelligent algorithms that increase energy efficiency and reduce pollution. The company, headquartered in Raanana, Israel, was founded in 2007.

PV Nano Cell Ltd.: (Green Technology)
PV Nano developing disruptive technologies that achieve significant cost reduction in the manufacturing process of silicon solar cells. PV Nano Cell's products are designed to be implemented in non contact metallization technologies, by replacing the screen printing metallization with an ink jet printing process. PV Nano Cell's inks are based on nano-metric materials and are aimed to serve and capture a substantial part of the growing $2.4B solar ink market by 2015. The company, headquartered in Migdal Ha’Emek, Israel, was founded in 2009.

Pythagoras Solar (Green Technology)
Pythagoras Solar is focused on dramatically changing the economics of photovoltaic technology through innovation that changes some of the basic technical principles behind the discipline. To accomplish its goals, the company is working to combine software models, optic design, semiconductor processes, materials science, and mass manufacturing techniques to build highly durable, cost effective solar energy products. The company, headquartered in Petach Tikva, was founded in 2006.

Qlik Technologies Inc.: (ICT)
QlikTech (NASDAQ: QLIK) is a leader in Business Discovery—user-driven Business Intelligence (BI). Its QlikView Business Discovery solution bridges the gap between traditional BI solutions and inadequate spreadsheet applications. The in-memory associative search technology QlikTech pioneered created the self-service BI category, allowing users to explore information freely rather than being confined to a predefined path of questions. Appropriate from SMB to the largest global enterprise, QlikView’s self-service analysis can be deployed with data governance in days or weeks. The QlikView Business Discovery platform’s app-driven model works with existing BI solutions, offering an immersive mobile and social, collaborative experience. The company, headquartered in Pennsylvania, USA, was founded in Sweden in 1993.

RayV Inc.: (ICT, Media)
RayV provides the world’s first Cloud based,TV over IP turnkey solution. The company has successfully deployed hundreds of channels to millions of concurrent viewers worldwide, providing opportunities to distribute TV Everywhere and Over the Top content. Using its patented cloud technology, RayV creates cost and network efficiencies for content delivery. RayV’s Proprietary optimized cloud streaming technology improves network efficiency by 90%. All this, while delivering superior quality videos.  The company, headquartered in California, U.S.A, was founded in 2007.

Siano Mobile Silicon Ltd.: (ICT, Electronics)
Siano develops highly integrated silicon receiver chips for the mobile digital TV (MDTV) and terrestrial TV (DTT) markets. The company cooperates with leading global ecosystem partners for modules, middleware and software applications, as well as with multimedia and application processor makers, to deliver complete MDTV solutions. Siano, headquartered in Netanya, Israel, was founded in 2004.

Sidense Corporation (ICT, Electronics)
Sidense is a leading developer of silicon-proven embedded non-volatile memory (NVM) intellectual property (IP). Sidense’s patented one-time programmable (OTP) memory enables a wide range of electronic products which are based upon complex System on Chip (SOC) semiconductors.  End-market products include home entertainment consumer products, cellular telephones, RFID, medical, automotive and a host of other users.  Semiconductor and systems companies integrate Sidense IP core into their SOC designs, saving time and money and allowing them to focus on the core competencies that differentiate their products.  Sidense provides IP which is difficult and uneconomical for the device makers to try to create on their own.  The company, headquartered in Ontario, Canada, was founded in 2004.

Sirica Corporation: (ICT, Electronics)
Sirica is developing a unique infrared detector that will enable low cost, high performance infrared imaging. The Company’s proprietary technology enables the production of the only high-performance infrared detector that requires no cooling and no vacuum packaging, thereby making infrared vision and imaging suitable - for the first time - for many mass market applications. The company, headquartered in Nesher, Israel, was founded in 2003.

Siverge Networks: (ICT, Electronics)
Siverge, a fabless semiconductor company, is a pioneer in building multi-service, multi-rate, and multi-interface silicon for the networking industry. Based on a disruptive patent-pending core technology, Siverge has developed the Griffin Packet Transport System-on-Chip that revolutionizes the limits of integration, functionality, size and power provided by a single device, enabling true convergence of protocols, systems and networks for the next generation of Telecom and Mobile infrastructures. The company, headquartered in Herzliya Pituah, Israel, was founded in 2005.

YouLicense Inc.: (Internet)
YouLicense is an online music licensing marketplace. YouLicense has developed a platform which enables artists and those seeking musical content to conduct business directly with one another in a safe and secure environment. Its unique search engine and standardized contracts allow for a quick and easy process. The company, headquartered in Tel Aviv Israel, was founded in 2009.
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